About Us


For over 15 years Doors and More has and will always be about innovation and style. There are many reasons why we are the Canadian leaders in glass shower doors and enclosures, here are a few...


Why Doors & More?


Shower doors is what we perfected over the years, and we continue to bring you the latest styles and technologies. 

There is no doubt you will find a company offering shower doors or enclosures at similar or slightly lower prices. However, this is an investment that can be costly and unsafe over the long term if you buy from a less experienced competitor with lower quality products.

Always Custom Cut


A critical element to consider when buying a frameless shower door or an enclosure is that all of our doors will fit flush with your walls.

This is extremely important as it ensures that it is fastened securely and helps prevent water from leaking. We also have an exclusive design and a variety of water seals and thresholds that make your door as close to water tight as possible.

No Outsourcing


There are several delicate steps in the process of building a glass shower door and enclosures before the glass reaches a client's bathroom.

From cutting and drilling to tempering and washing, we do it all in house. This guarantees quality control and fast turnaround time. We do not outsource any step of the process. Another Doors & More advantage!