While we'd be more than happy to elaborate on the difference between us and the other companies that do shower doors out there, we are sort of biased.  So don't just take our word for it, see what the industry leaders have to say about us! 

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As seen on  HGTV !

As seen on HGTV!

"Sarah and I are pretty picky, especially when it comes to the homes we build - everything has to be perfect. We used Doors and More for all our glass on House of Bryan Season 3, and they certainly didn't disappoint."

Bryan Baeumler — Baeumler Quality 
Construction and Renovations Inc. President/CEO

As seen on  HGTV !

As seen on HGTV!

"When I design a shower, I don't do 'typical.' That's why I use Doors & More. They can handle any design I can throw at them and not break a sweat. Now that's impressive!"

Paul Lafrance — Paul Lafrance Design

Host of  Colour Confidential  on W!

Host of Colour Confidential on W!

"Doors and More is an excellent glass company! We have had very good success with them for any bathroom renovation we have done. We will continue to use them and recommend them to our clients!"

Jane Lockhart — Jane

Lockhart Interior Design

As seen on  HGTV !

As seen on HGTV!

"Doors and More provided me with a gorgeous glass shower enclosure for a client on Open House Overhaul. I was impressed by their ability to anticipate site-specific challenges and develop customized solutions before installation. With our tight make-over schedules, I'm glad I trusted these guys."

Samantha Pynn — Open House Overhaul

As seen on  Cityline !

As seen on Cityline!

"Shower door enclosures need to be silent, glide effortlessly, and fit impeccably with a quality, easy to clean finish to make the bathroom absolutely gorgeous. Doors and More is my go-to choice for a beautiful affordable enclosure that I know will be installed and fit perfectly—something you just can't find in an off-the-shelf product at an ordinary store."

Nicholas Rosaci  Nicholas Rosaci Interiors

“As the Design/Build Company chosen to build the 2016 Dream Home for the Toronto National Home Show.  We were very pleased to showcase Doors & More Shower Door Systems in both the James Bond Bathroom and the Master Ensuite which featured their Corner Roller Series Door.  Great Team!  Great Product!

        Michael Upshall - Probuilt Design + Build


"Marcon Bath Studio has had the pleasure of dealing with Doors and More for all of our custom glass doors for 15 years. Doors and More are a reputable, reliable, and professional company. Marcon has worked together with Frank Gartner and his team on many projects. They have been able to accommodate each and every one of our customer's needs. Marcon lives by the same values as Doors and More, 'Our customers are very important to us.' Therefore, if it's not safe, then we don't sell the product."

Anna-Maria — Marcon Vice-President / Owner

"We've been dealing with Doors and More for a very long time. We're very happy with the work. We trust them with our glass... fully. Frank's on the job all the time. There are no delays whatsoever. They are always cool. They do a professional job. They are efficient people. I love their work. I love their ethics. They're perfect."

Adil — TUBS Mississauga Store Manager 

"Tapworks Kitchen & Bath has been dealing with Frank and his crew from Doors and More for 15 years ++. Doors and More are conscientious, clean, and make sure that all of our customers are satisfied. Tapworks trusts Doors and More to make sure that every custom glass customer is happy, and if there is ever any issue, Frank and his team are on it immediately. If I were to recommend/sell any custom glass product, it                                                          could ONLY be Doors and More."

Juan Carlos Ledesma — Tapworks Owner

"Rusand Home Renovation Inc. has been contracting Doors and More out to do all of the custom glass shower doors on our projects for 15 years now. I’m not a man of many words, so let me get straight to it. Doors and More and the work they do defines professionalism. Their workers are knowledgeable, courteous, and hard-working. There are a lot of shower door companies out there, but there's only one that specializes in shower doors. It’s Doors and More,                                                  and it shows."

Jurek Piecuch — Rusand Owner

"I have worked with Frank and the team at Doors and More for more than 15 years. They consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.  I trust in the quality of their products and workmanship, and I can always count on them for customer support even years after the installation was completed. At Peel Tile, the installation designs are often complicated, intricate, and highly customized. Doors and More have proven time and time again that they can handle our design wishes without any problems." 

Albert Colosimo — Peel Tile Mississauga Owner

"I have known Frank and the guys over at Doors and More for well over a decade now. There are a lot of other companies out there that do 'custom' glass shower doors, but none to the level of Doors and More. From measure to install, they are incredibly professional, thorough, and conscientious of the customer's vision for their shower. On top of all that, they're particularly clean too-something we at Candu pride ourselves in as well. At the Candu Group, our goal is to do the job right the first time, so when it comes to shower doors, we call Doors and More." 

Don Edmondson — The Candu Group Inc. President

"At Tapworks, when it comes to a custom glass enclosure, we always recommend Doors and More, whom we have been using exclusively for the last several years. Doors and More fulfills all our requirements with full satisfaction, which makes them more trustworthy and dependable. All of our clients appreciate the expertise and professionalism of the owner, Frank, and his crew. We tried using a few other companies in the past, but it just wasn't worth it. It's nice to deal with people who know their job well."

Andy Mohan — Tapworks Oakville Owner

"Frank and Doors and More have been doing shower enclosures for Highridge Fine Homes for close to 10 years, all of my project managers use Doors and More exclusively. They make beautiful showers that I know my customers will love. They built the first custom rolling steam shower—a project no one wanted to take on and our customer loves it."


Mark De Bruyne — Highridge Owner

"We've had a great experience with Doors and More. We get a lot of customers who come in looking for something unique and has to fit a certain space, and we've found that Doors and More has been a great company to work with to fill those needs."

David Vis — Watermarks Sales

"Roomscapes has been using Doors and More for all of our customers’ shower doors for years now. They have always provided us with nothing but great service. From measurement to install, they are always quick, prompt, and professional with their work. This doesn't end when they've completed the work, it extends afterwards as well. All of our customers absolutely love the product. When dealing with Doors and More,                                                        100% satisfaction is assured."

Vicki Booth — Roomscapes Owner

"Taps has been dealing with Doors and More for a very long time. They have a great product line that we love to support. They are nothing but professionals and they do a great job at doing what they do. You can use Doors and More for all your glass needs. That's all they do."

Vince — Taps Sales Rep

"Shower doors is certainly what they specialize in, but it's the 'More' where they truly separate themselves from the competition. Frank and his team not only make the most beautiful fitting glass on the market today, but they deliver a level of service that is absolutely second to none. From the initial appointment, where they measure the glass, through installation, they take each and every step with the client's final expectations in mind. You're not just getting a door—you're receiving an experience."

Mark Noonan — Plumbing Mart President

"We've been dealing with Frank and Doors and More for all your custom door needs for over 10 years now. They provide good quality doors with tons of options and a very nice exceptional warranty. "

Stacey — Dupont Plumbing

"Watermarks has been working with Doors and More for over 5 years now. It is important for Watermarks to partner with a company like Doors and More as it is an essential part of our business and allows us to provide our customers with the quality and service that Doors and More ensures."

Melissa — Watermarks Sales Rep 

"When it comes to shower doors, I only recommend Doors and More, because with so many complex layouts for shower doors, it's challenging to find a company that can always deliver. I find with Frank and Doors and More, we get whatever is being made to work well within its space. Doors and More is a true custom glass manufacturer. On top of that, we always find all of their workers to be nothing but professional and their warranty can't be beat. Our customers are always satisfied."

Peter Coffa - Taps Wholesale Bath

"Taps has been working hand-in-hand with Doors and More since their inception. Historically, shower doors have been one of the most challenging categories for Taps. Their team of professionals ensures accuracy, clarity, and total customer satisfaction with every installation. Our association with Doors and More has totally restored our confidence in supplying our customers outstanding quality and beautifully designed shower enclosures."

Alan Bloch — Taps Wholesale Bath