Star-clear GLASS


*For Your Information

Please note that Star-Clear glass is only 100 % clear when you hold a small piece of it in your hand.

Once Star-Clear is installed with silicone up against your wall tile, marble or porcelain many customers report that the glass has a very Milky Blue look along the edge.

No need to be alarmed, it is very normal for the edges of the glass where silicone is applied. The rest of the glass is exceptionally clear and certainly worth the investment in a Star-Clear option!

A designer's choice!
While all of our glass shower doors and enclosure are well designed and add a certain beauty to your bathroom, Star-Clear glass takes that element of beauty to the next level. Designers always chose the Star-Clear due to it's clear glass as it reduces colour tones and shades and brings out the true colour of the shower tiles. The effect is an almost glassless shower experience.

A small upgrade with a big impact
Although the cost of Star-Clear is a slightly higher, the return on investment is worth every penny. A one time small investment that has a lifetime impact on  every shower you take.

What is Star-Clear?
Star-Clear Glass is a crystal clear glass that bring in natural light every time you shower. The difference between Star-Clear glass and our standard glass is really quite simple. Standard glass has a slight green pigment to it that is quite pronounced around the edges. People don't really notice the pigment if they look straight at standard glass, but it is quite visible if your look at the side of the glass. In comparison, Star-Clear glass is a 100% pigment free style of glass available across all of our product lines. Just look at the picture below and the difference will be quite clear (pun entirely intended).

Star-Clear Glass is now available on all our shower glass products and is always a stock item.